How to Write an Enticing Cover Letter

How to Write an Enticing Cover Letter

A Cover Letter Template

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Ruth Ikegah
·Mar 23, 2021·

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Do you find it difficult writing cover letters or have you ever asked if it is necessary to send in a cover letter? ( I used to skip that option when I started applying for jobs).

In this short article, I will be sharing a template I use for writing my cover letters.

Disclaimer: I am writing this article because recently in my job search, I have been getting some favorable response as to moving to the next phase. Open to new ideas!

What is a Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is a document sent along with a resume that provides additional information about your skills and experience to an employer and why you are a qualified candidate for the job.

Why You Should Attach a Cover Letter?

Trust me hiring managers look at it (heard it from one!). Before I even get started on why you should write a cover letter, see it as bait to entice the hiring manager to move forward with your resume. You should write a cover letter because it gives you a cutting edge over so many other applicants, shows the hiring manager or the reviewing team you understand what you are applying for.

Before you start writing do this!

  • Read the Job Description properly and note down keywords
  • Do some research on the company and understand their goals and values.

A Simple Cover Writing Template

  1. Short intro on you, where, or how you heard about the role (if it is from your network, utilize that and put a link too) in the first paragraph.

  2. A paragraph summarizing your skillset, best work, and contributions(include links where necessary).

  3. A paragraph of your connection to the role hammering on the job description( utilize the keywords I mentioned earlier but paraphrase not verbatim).

  4. How you are willing to improve and grow with the company as regards company goals( I do a lot of background research here).

  5. A convincing note on why you want to work with the company and what you are bringing to the table ( Throw in your genuine sugar words here)

  6. Thanks and positive text towards a favorable response and discussing the job role with the company.

If you are job hunting like me, I wish you good luck in your search!

Thanks for reading! Please share and like this article if you found it useful!

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