Yes, I got a YES!

Yes, I got a YES!

First Tech Job

I don't know how I came up with that title! But Yes, I got a Yes! I just had to repeat it. I want to do a TL;DR, but I also want to tell you all about it, the process, and how I got to this point. So let's break it up into sections.

Who am I?

I'm Ruth Ikegah from Nigeria, who transitioned from Microbiology to Tech in March 2020. I got into many stuff; Python, Technical writing, Open Source, and Public speaking in a year.

How Job Hunting Started?

Trust me. I was not sure I was ready even to start anything. I was barely a year in the whole tech thing. But then I am somehow who loves taking scary steps, so I started job hunting in January.

Job hunting is a lot and can get frustrating, honestly, but then rejections are normal and will always come, but you know the important thing, you make progress with time. I can boldly say this because I went through that stage. It took me from plain rejections to getting feedback to getting to the first stage, interview stage, etc. I even got better at fixing up my CV and Cover Letter, looking for opportunities, and so much more. I wrote a blog post on " How to write an enticing Cover Letter. "

So, what's the role?

I know that's the part you have been waiting for but hold on a sec! So as I started making progress in applications, I saw a job posting on Diversify Tech Co (The best Newsletter for Remote Job opportunities and resources), I sent my application. Fortunately, I got a response, followed by a first interview. I progressed from the interview to a writing project which I gave in my best as usual. I moved to the next stage of interviews (a very open hiring process ).

It is 100% possible to transition from a non-tech background and get the best!

Then Yes, I got a YES! I got an offer to join Animalz as a Technical Content Manager. It's so amazing because I get to do what I love, writing, and do it with one of the best companies! You can't imagine how happy I have been the past few weeks. A new milestone in my career.

This Tech journey has been so amazing, and I have the most supporting system ever. The community on Tech Twitter gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation to keep moving.

I'm looking forward to more wins and the amazing things I will achieve and learn in my company!

Cheers to Ruth! I am proud of how consistent and resilient you've been!