Women Can Fly Above the Clouds

Women Can Fly Above the Clouds

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It's an amazing month to celebrate Women all over the world! Every woman!

Hsshnode is also celebrating women this week with this campaign. You can learn more about it here and lend your voice.

Edidiong Asikpo says Women are Legends and I super agree! Women are amazing, strong, resilient, courageous, and beautiful.

I titled this piece Women Can Fly above the clouds because women can be leaders, women can be at the top, we can be the first, we can dream big, and acquire great things and most especially women can fly above the clouds!

Today I stand and choose to challenge any person that looks down on any woman, any person that says women are weak or can't fly high or be at the top, any person that discriminates against women verbally, sexually, or otherwise.

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Yeah, you read right! STOP IT

Celebrate Women, Advocate for Women, Encourage Women, and Support Women!

Thanks for reading!