My code is crap!

My code is crap!

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Have you ever wondered what the hell you are doing? or randomly see one beautiful CSS art on twitter and you are woaw, how the hell did they do that, I'm still struggling with a suitable color for my header and someone is coding magic or you saw one clean code or really structured blog post with many reactions, the list is actually endless. At this point you start that self doubt, that self pity, that " I'd never be good enough", that I won't be able to pull that crap. You are not alone, we all get to that point or feel that way.


I just want you to remember that you are in your own phase, your own journey, you own it and can define it. Yes you may feel it is crap or not good enough but it actually gets better. Whosoever you are using to self doubt yourself, put in much effort to where they are today, and you can strategically do that and be better.

So quit the Self doubt, just strategically and consistently put in that effort. You've got this !