My best tech talks

My best tech talks

When I am not coding, I'm either tweeting, retweeting, connecting or sleeping, yeah you read right sleeping but a little though. Also I have formed a habit of watching and listening to tech talks from conferences or otherwise. It's a good habit you should look into because you'd get so much inspiration and knowledge from just 20-40 minutes. For this week here's a list of tech talks I listened to:

  • Making badass developers by Kathy Sierra . Kathy talked about how we should protect our cognitive resources Check here
  • Tiny changes, Remarkable results by Prosper Otemuyiwa. In this talk at OSCA fest, Prosper talked about how consistency can yield magnificent changes. Check here

  • Kelsey Hightower Fireside chat at DevRelCon. In this chat,there are so many takeaways but my favorite is how he had personal fulfillment from making someone smile. Check here

  • Keynote: Reflections by Kelsey Hightower. Trust me watching this will spark up some emotions. Check here

  • Career advice with Kelsey Hightower. He gave some tips and specifically emphasized on why you should decouple your identity from the technology. Check here

So these are the top 5 among all I watched and I really loved them, I'm sure you will too. Feel free to comment your best tech talks.